Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Just Act

Did I get that done yesterday, oh man, I forgot all about that, there is that to do as well, when is that money coming, how am I going to pay for this now?

Waking at night is bad enough, but having those questions run through your head like a freight train is worse.

In most cases, we fight it and try to stay in bed wishing the Sandman will come back through and knock us out cold. However, we know one undisputed fact — that is not going to happen, so, "Just Act!"

Get up, make a cup of coffee or tea — whatever— face what your brain is telling you and "Just Act!" Many of us say, tomorrow, I will get it all done tomorrow; we all know that is not going to happen, so, "Just Act!"

Your adrenaline is already pumping, use it! By staying in bed I guarantee you will be dragging the next morning, hurting by the afternoon and begging for forgiveness and the night to come by 5 p.m.; yet you are now further behind and what you were worrying about is still there — "Just Act!"

This morning it happened to me, waking at 4 a.m. laying in bed, trying 101 different positions to fall back asleep, I heard my neighbor start her treadmill; and I said to myself, "If she is up bettering herself you can too." "Just Act!"

Look, even if you don't get all that is needed done, at least you have started and you are not laying in bed stressing yourself out; which we all know causes more stress and anxiety, so  — "Just Act."

Accomplish today so you rest easy tonight!

Always Sitting Always in Motion


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