Sunday, May 13, 2012

Finding Your Way

“Finding Your Way”

It’s amazing how fast things can change, “for the better, or for the worse.” I believe, I truly believe, that we focus on and remember the bad, due to the fact it is so scary and overwhelming. However, I’ve realized this weekend, we, later in life, laugh, talk and teach others from our bad times; which means, our “bad times” are also invaluable experiences. So, when we are going through a crossroads, we need to keep in mind, that it will end and we will regain control of our lives and start to feel better. Embrace not only the good times but also the bad — both show us our paths and how strong we are.

Over the last few years I have had my fair share of scares, losses and overwhelming moments where I just was not sure what was going to happen. However, I recently sat down and asked myself how did I get through those unbelievably overwhelming times and this is what I came up with.

Filled my days with family and friends,
Allowed myself to be sad until I got pissed enough to say, “STOP!”,
Realized I did laugh many times during the down times,
Realized that if I am going through this, others have too, and there are a lot of people standing around me right now,
Realized that my true friends will look at me and say, “Man, you screwed up, but I’m right here brother; lets’ get through this,
Realized that I am not perfect, (there, I said it) but I have learned, and it has made me a better person; better, not perfect (oh crap I’ve said I’m not perfect twice now and now I’ve published it.)

Finding your way is not, nor will it ever be easy. More importantly, what comes next might not be even slightly close to what you wanted or thought your life was going to be.

When you are ready to take that journey, always remember these true statements:

1)    There is nothing more valuable than a friend or loved one who truly loves you, (you will know what that means and who it is when the time comes.)
2)    Each day gets easier, not easy,
3)    You learn from your mistakes, but more importantly, remember to recreate, enjoy and examine our successes, 
4)    Laughter, hugs, love, family and true friends will see you through.

Walt Whitman wrote, “Re-examine all you have been told, dismiss what insults your soul.”

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