Friday, May 18, 2012

Change is what you make it

Wow, this is sort of surreal, in just a few short hours (1:15 p.m.), my life changed forever, along with my family's and my friends (past, present and future.)  21 years ago, my dad and I were up at Giants Ridge Ski Resort for a simple bike race. A simple out and back race that was to only take 90 minutes (give or take), it took a lot longer.

20 years have passed and my family and friends and I are starting our 21st year together. Throughout this time many things have come and gone, ups and downs and whirlwinds; but change is what you make it. Good or bad, happy or sad, it is your choice to decide how you are going to live it — "change is what you make it."

I am truly blessed to have the family and friends I had/have/will have. Friends that have gone separate ways got me through one of the toughest times I've ever been through, friends I have now keep me feeling like anything is possible and the friends of my future will have who I am and I will take their ideas and change with the day.

"Change is what you make it," make today your day to change for the better.

Always Sitting Always in Motion


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  1. You are an incredible young man, Aaron. I have never met you but I did go to high school with your parents. I have followed your progress and life via your mom...and after knowing Tom and sure doesn't surprise me that you are such an inspiration to others. :) Maureen Curran