Saturday, May 12, 2012

Try it!

One thing that my parents have always made sure we knew, well there were several things that they ingrained into my brother's and my brain; but one thing that sticks out on a regular basis is try, do, taste and see things  that are foreign to you — in short, "Try it!"

Challenge from me to all of you, "Try it!"

Try going for a walk today,
Try Laughing with your kids,
Try sitting with your significant other outside and feel the warm sun on your skin,
Try going for a bike ride,
Try making a plan to make a change in your life and if your ready start acting on it,
Try a "Healthy eating recipe (i'll bet you will be surprised),
Try a new hobby,
Try to save money,
Try talking to a long lost friend,
Try to forgive,
Try to understand,
Try to sit down and listen to the stories of your Grand Parents,
Try to sell the items you no longer use (you can't take them with you and others may need them),

There are too many wonderful things to try in this world.

"Because life is about living, not wondering" — Aaron Cross

"You don't have to great to start but you do have to start to be great" — Les Brown

Always Sitting Always in Motion,


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