Friday, June 22, 2012

True Spirt, Ture Love

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Have a Fantastic Day

A new day a new dawn and life is great - challenges are going to arise and set backs are in the future; however, knowing that, and accepting this fact makes it so much easier to move on.

Become the success you want to be and "Have a Fantastic Day!"

Today, see all the positives in your day and life; taste your morning coffee, hug your family, call your kids, laugh with your parents and friends, put a caring note in your loved ones car, send flowers — not because you have too, but because you want to; surround your self with positive emotions and thoughts.

"Thoughts create emotion and emotions create your attitude." — Unknown, but I say it a lot

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Monday, June 18, 2012

Stories Parents Find Out Later

So as I write, I try and write about topics that persuade my readers to try harder and live better; well, sometimes that comes from "Stories Parents Find Out Later."

When I was 14, I wanted to drive, like most kids do — seeing their older sister/brother driving just drives you nuts as you want to follow. On a cold October night, my parents went out for a night on the town, my brother was off somewhere and I was left at home. Snow had fallen already and there was plenty of it; so yes I decided it would be a great idea to go practice driving up and down my parent's driveway —After all, my parents let me pull in and pull out the car so what's the big deal?

After playing for, oh, I guess 20 minutes, I looked at the car clock and thought I better get this high speed Dodge Omni racing car back in; now I'm not sure what I did differently accept to say, uhm, yeah, I did it wrong!

I backed the car right into the snow that my father had so neatly plowed — just missing the huge pine tree getting the car stuck, and I mean stuck! After some futile attempts to get the car out and the clock ticking till my parents got home, I did the only thing I could think of, I called my best friend over to assist me. Now in order to protect the innocent, I am just going to say, he was huge, strong and his name was not Woody Sanky.

My non descriptive friend gets a call and (tidaaaaaaah) the calvary to the rescue; but since he could not drive he brought his mom — one problem at a time please.

My Non-discriptive friend tried and tried; but nothing was going to work the Ferrari of which I was driving was toast, I was soon going to follow. Yes, I was going to have to take my situation and face the fact, I was, well I was in trouble — big trouble.

I took one look at my best friend, the same one that vowed to be there in time of need and vise-versa; and he said a (cuss word); he then proceeded to walk behind the car, lift with all his "HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe" strength because, yes, YES! "He Had The Power!" Out of the snow came my jet blue Ferrari of a car.

We, nope, sorry about that, I put the car back in the garage and proceed to wipe off the marks from the pine tree. My non- descriptive friends mother asked me "Your going to tell your parents the truth right?" I looked my second mom in the eyes and said "Oh yes, I've learned my lesson." Side Note: ARE YOU HIGH? As my now accomplices left, I saw the cluster of mess in the what was a neatly plowed driveway.

Yes, I took the snow plow out and cleaned it all up making it look nice and neat; stored the plow and got back inside before my parents got home (6 minutes WHEEEW.)

Parents where happy to see me and like normal gave them hugs. I set my plan into action by asking "Did you see the driveway has been re-plowed?" My dad, said "Yes, whats that all about, did you get in trouble at school?" "No", said with a convincing voice as I did not get in trouble at school. I proceed to tell them that I, in fact, had to get a stuck car out of the snow bank and had to call my Non-Discriptive friend over to help. "Dad, I couldn't believe it, the Jehovah Witnesses stopped by and when they were pulling out, they drove right into the snow bank; just missing our tree. Dad's response was, "Are you serious? (laughing all the way) some people don't know how too drive in the snow.

Moral of the story: We pull some stupid stunts in our lives, making bad decisions; but yet we also make good ones; thus forging our selves to who were are today. Take some time for good laughs today, and remember the tricks you use to pull — laugh and have a great day.

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Practice What You Preach

Wow, I can't believe it is Thursday, oh how the time flies by when you are playing catch up. I'll make this short and sweet; the Endeavor Games were amazing to watch and learn, but not really satisfactory for me shooting wise.

I have some great excuses for why I did not shoot well, but it all came down to, "I didn't shoot well." I am taking my own advise, I am doing what I told all of you that read my blogs, "Assess and Move On."

As I sat in my plane seat working on items for my clients, I found myself thinking of what I did right at the shoot; notice I wrote, "what I did right." After my list had more than 20 or so items of success on it I started to think of what I could have done better or might need to change in the future (shooting wise and travel wise.)

When I got back home, I did something completely opposite of what I use to do, meaning, if I shot badly, I would come home and devised a painful and very lengthy training schedule to figure out what I did wrong. However this time, I took time off (said with a smile on my face and light hearted "no worries" attitude) and focused on work, which I had plenty of.

Last night I had leagues with the St. Cloud Archers Association (1/2 900 round; four days since I looked at my bows) and you know what, I shot relaxed, with a smile, I even laughed when between ends; next thing I knew we were done and I had shot my average again and I was happy.

"Practice What You Preach," I "Took Five," I realized "It's Okay, It's Just You," "Assessed and Moved On" and that brought me to my good/great shooting again; not to mention a new relaxed drive inside me to get things done.

"Practice What You Preach" success comes from many set backs and dare I say, from some very  unenjoyable moments; but learn from them and successes are right there in front of you.

Today, "Practice What You Preach!"

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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

It's a SIGN!

Over sleeping, not being able to wake, thinking about what needs to be done right when you sit-up in bed in the morning; "It's a SIGN!"

Time to go back and reread,  May 8th, 2012 blog "Rest for Five."

No matter how hard we try, there is still only 24 hours in a day and we need 7-9 hours every night to rest.

"It's a SIGN!"

Always Sitting Always in Motion


Monday, June 4, 2012

"Its' Okay, Its' Just You" Part II

Yesterday I wrote how a great many of us want to blame something else for our, shall we say, substandard performances; wether it be at work, sport, family issues any of them. I went on to list my top 10 excuses I have heard and dare I say used.

Id like to just give you a quick story about how I learned "Its' Okay, Its' Just You — Assess and Move on."

1998-99, I was having one of my worse years of shooting, (archery) nothing was working, I had the top of the line equipment; but no matter what I did, it didn't win me podium stands. In my midsts of being emotionally beat, I decided to take the plunge and purchase two new bows as I was not trusting the ones I had.

I started to ask myself these three questions:

1) How did that shot feel?
2) Was it the same as the shot before?
3) What did I do exactly the same?

(Look and focus on what you do the same every time, not what you do wrong; with practice, all the right steps mold your perfect shot, or success.)

I answered all three of those questions in my mind, but at the end of the day, I would not only write it down, I would try and draw my "Sight Picture" (what I see when I am at full draw about to execute a shot.) By doing that, I started to See, Feel and Do the same thing over and over again; it was no longer a finesse shot, it was consistency, comfort and confidence. Scores raised, records started to fall and I was back in the game.

My team mate at that time was freaking out as less than a year ago he was killing me and now roles had reversed. He asked the U.S. Coach, I shoot 300 - 500 arrows a day and Aaron is shooting, at max, 200 a day; how can he be beating me? Response: "You can shoot all the arrows you want in a day, but if you don't learn something from each practice you are not doing yourself any favors. Aaron learned his shot, if he pulls up and it feels different, he sets it back down until he feels his shot. You are just shooting because you are at full draw."

To this day I ask myself the above three questions when I am shooting (archery or trap), racing, speaking, working with clients, whatever, (obviously they questions change for speaking etc., but it is same principals.)

By asking yourself simple questions, you are not only making the choice to change, you are realizing that "Its' Okay, Its' Just You." Do yourself a favor, ask yourself these questions:

1) How did it work for me today (be brutally honest)
2) Was what I did today matching my success from yesterday? (why or why not — be brutally honest)
3) What did I do the same that made me succeed today and can or do I need to change it to make it better?
(again be be brutally honest)

Answer those questions and remember at the end of the day "Its' Okay, Its' Just You" assess and move on.

Always Sitting Always in Motion


Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's okay, Its Just You — Part I

Over the years I have made plenty of excuses for my poor outcomes/frustrating days, and I have also heard plenty of excuses from others. What I do know about excuses, they never fix what happened, and they are all bad; some really funny, but still bad. In fact, 99.9 percent of the time, there was never anything wrong at all; the only screw, bolt, action, sight, whatever that was loose, was the screw trying to do the sport, — "It's Okay, It's Just You."

Yesterday, I was working out at Deltone-Luth Gun Range for the Viking Shoot — anyway, I was watching the body language of the shooters (AMAZING) and extremely entertaining. I have never seen so many people look at their ammo, gun, wind/sky so many times in my life (in one round!) "It's okay, Its Just You!" It happens to everyone!

It comes down to these three steps and these three steps alone:
1) Champions are champions because they know their shot or whatever sport, job, parenting skills whatever; they know themselves, they assess and move on; that's why they make it look so easy —Assess and move on.
2) They are there to do what they know, and they know what they do — and then, move on.
3) Revert back to numbers 1 & 2, again,  — move on.

Other shooters, including me, want to blame something instead of ourselves; the old saying, "Not me did it!" SIDE NOTE: There are "Not Mes'" all around the world; he/she sure does get around. Just trust me on this; "It's okay, Its Just You."

Blaming something else for a bad day (shooting, parenting, sports, work) can and will only bring you down again in the future. Why? because the one thing you did not do after you were done for the day, was to look at how not too have this situation occur once again; you just stayed with an excuse.

Top 10 excuses (no particular order)

1) My stabilizers were not in the same spot which made me off balanced,

2) I had the wrong shoes on today. Side note: I did respond to this one with, your an amputee, you aint got no feet!

3) I didn't have the right shims in my wheelchair. Side note: Yeah, I responded to that as well, but I was nice enough to keep it to myself,

4) The down draft from the helicopter was pushing the clays down.  (The damn thing was 600 feet off the deck going 60 MPH; down draft my),

5) My belt was too tight which was cutting off my circulation to my legs; which made me get weaker as the day went on. (see my response to above number 2 — and yes same person),

6) The wind cost me this whole shoot,

7) My sight moved,

8) Food poisoning,

9) The guy on my bail was watching me,

10) I don't understand it, I just can't find anything wrong with my bow, nothing has moved. (this one did shock me and made me laugh out loud),

Readers, trust me "It's okay, Its Just You." tomorrow is a new day.

Stay tuned for some answers and tips tomorrow.

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Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update on shooting! Move on to more Successes

So, we all know that I am the 2012 U.S. Paralympic Alternate in the W1C Archery Class (W1C means Wheelchair shooter, 1 means quadriplegic, "C" stands for compound bow.)

Now I have to be honest with you, in years past 1996 - 2004, I believe, I just might now be done licking my wounds from not making the squad.

However, I find myself being more motivated now (get over it and move on to the next) to not only stay on my game but as they say "Soldier On!"

With this beautiful weather we are having I find myself driving to my secret locations and shooting every second I get the chance. Done with work for the day, well, there is still 3 hours of light left; lets go shoot.

What all does this mean? It means just what I said after the team was named: "Champions don't always stand on the podium, they just continue on." So I practice, I keep my head in the game and I prepare for upcoming shoots; like the Endeavor Games this June 6th - 10th in Edmund Oklahoma. (Stay tuned for results on this shoot)

I am more than excited to meet up with the team again and fling some arrows on the field of battle with them. Shooting is starting to feel smooth again, controlled, and most importantly, exciting! Something I had not felt in over seven and half years.

Move on to the next shoot, Endeavor Games here I come! Move on to your next success. Look out world, here you come.

Always Sitting Always in Motion


Friday, June 1, 2012

Work Skills Day 2012 Lindstrom, MN

Remember where you started & what got you through it!

I remember:
My dad saying to me "Skiing is going to be on hold this year Aaron",
My Uncle being there in a matter of hours,
My best friend Shawn sitting next to me saying "You just fell asleep, its' only been 5 minutes buddy",
My friend Matt Z. asking me the day after I got hurt "How are you doing?" and my response "I've had hornier days",
My waking in the hospital and my brother sleeping next to me in a very uncomfortable chair with his hand on my arm,
My mom telling St. Cloud Tech H.S. exactly how and when this was going to be done,
My friends creating a new life for me and my family,
My friends Kelly W. & Kristine H. and 5 lbs of Gummy Bears and 5 lbs of Sour Patch Kids,

My first time I was able to push my chair by myself (2 inches and I was wiped out),
My OT putting 1/4 pounds of weight on my hand and me being barely able to lift it,
My first time I dressed myself (1 hour 47 min) yes, I timed it; now 7 minutes 9.5 minutes including shoes,
My first movement of my left index finger (my picking finger — Thank God),

My first romantic kiss to a girl after I was in a chair,
My first time being able to hold a baby after I got hurt; 8 months post injury baby was 2 weeks old, I was in heaven,
My first time I wet my pants (won't be the last; watching a movie with my girlfriend at her house — I was so embarrassed we offered to clean the couch the dad said "No, but you come back anytime." Maybe he was thinking if I pissed on the whole couch they could just get a new one)
My first skydive,
My first archery shot,
My first track practice (went 100 meters in 25 seconds and I had nothing left) end of my first summer I was pushing 15 miles a day.

Many other things got me here, many other things take me places, just "Remember where you started & what got you through it!" and do it all over again. It's never easy, but it can be easier if you "Remember where you started & what got you through it!"

"You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be GREAT!" — Les Brown

Always Sitting Always in Motion