Monday, June 18, 2012

Stories Parents Find Out Later

So as I write, I try and write about topics that persuade my readers to try harder and live better; well, sometimes that comes from "Stories Parents Find Out Later."

When I was 14, I wanted to drive, like most kids do — seeing their older sister/brother driving just drives you nuts as you want to follow. On a cold October night, my parents went out for a night on the town, my brother was off somewhere and I was left at home. Snow had fallen already and there was plenty of it; so yes I decided it would be a great idea to go practice driving up and down my parent's driveway —After all, my parents let me pull in and pull out the car so what's the big deal?

After playing for, oh, I guess 20 minutes, I looked at the car clock and thought I better get this high speed Dodge Omni racing car back in; now I'm not sure what I did differently accept to say, uhm, yeah, I did it wrong!

I backed the car right into the snow that my father had so neatly plowed — just missing the huge pine tree getting the car stuck, and I mean stuck! After some futile attempts to get the car out and the clock ticking till my parents got home, I did the only thing I could think of, I called my best friend over to assist me. Now in order to protect the innocent, I am just going to say, he was huge, strong and his name was not Woody Sanky.

My non descriptive friend gets a call and (tidaaaaaaah) the calvary to the rescue; but since he could not drive he brought his mom — one problem at a time please.

My Non-discriptive friend tried and tried; but nothing was going to work the Ferrari of which I was driving was toast, I was soon going to follow. Yes, I was going to have to take my situation and face the fact, I was, well I was in trouble — big trouble.

I took one look at my best friend, the same one that vowed to be there in time of need and vise-versa; and he said a (cuss word); he then proceeded to walk behind the car, lift with all his "HE-MAN and the Masters of the Universe" strength because, yes, YES! "He Had The Power!" Out of the snow came my jet blue Ferrari of a car.

We, nope, sorry about that, I put the car back in the garage and proceed to wipe off the marks from the pine tree. My non- descriptive friends mother asked me "Your going to tell your parents the truth right?" I looked my second mom in the eyes and said "Oh yes, I've learned my lesson." Side Note: ARE YOU HIGH? As my now accomplices left, I saw the cluster of mess in the what was a neatly plowed driveway.

Yes, I took the snow plow out and cleaned it all up making it look nice and neat; stored the plow and got back inside before my parents got home (6 minutes WHEEEW.)

Parents where happy to see me and like normal gave them hugs. I set my plan into action by asking "Did you see the driveway has been re-plowed?" My dad, said "Yes, whats that all about, did you get in trouble at school?" "No", said with a convincing voice as I did not get in trouble at school. I proceed to tell them that I, in fact, had to get a stuck car out of the snow bank and had to call my Non-Discriptive friend over to help. "Dad, I couldn't believe it, the Jehovah Witnesses stopped by and when they were pulling out, they drove right into the snow bank; just missing our tree. Dad's response was, "Are you serious? (laughing all the way) some people don't know how too drive in the snow.

Moral of the story: We pull some stupid stunts in our lives, making bad decisions; but yet we also make good ones; thus forging our selves to who were are today. Take some time for good laughs today, and remember the tricks you use to pull — laugh and have a great day.

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