Friday, June 1, 2012

Remember where you started & what got you through it!

I remember:
My dad saying to me "Skiing is going to be on hold this year Aaron",
My Uncle being there in a matter of hours,
My best friend Shawn sitting next to me saying "You just fell asleep, its' only been 5 minutes buddy",
My friend Matt Z. asking me the day after I got hurt "How are you doing?" and my response "I've had hornier days",
My waking in the hospital and my brother sleeping next to me in a very uncomfortable chair with his hand on my arm,
My mom telling St. Cloud Tech H.S. exactly how and when this was going to be done,
My friends creating a new life for me and my family,
My friends Kelly W. & Kristine H. and 5 lbs of Gummy Bears and 5 lbs of Sour Patch Kids,

My first time I was able to push my chair by myself (2 inches and I was wiped out),
My OT putting 1/4 pounds of weight on my hand and me being barely able to lift it,
My first time I dressed myself (1 hour 47 min) yes, I timed it; now 7 minutes 9.5 minutes including shoes,
My first movement of my left index finger (my picking finger — Thank God),

My first romantic kiss to a girl after I was in a chair,
My first time being able to hold a baby after I got hurt; 8 months post injury baby was 2 weeks old, I was in heaven,
My first time I wet my pants (won't be the last; watching a movie with my girlfriend at her house — I was so embarrassed we offered to clean the couch the dad said "No, but you come back anytime." Maybe he was thinking if I pissed on the whole couch they could just get a new one)
My first skydive,
My first archery shot,
My first track practice (went 100 meters in 25 seconds and I had nothing left) end of my first summer I was pushing 15 miles a day.

Many other things got me here, many other things take me places, just "Remember where you started & what got you through it!" and do it all over again. It's never easy, but it can be easier if you "Remember where you started & what got you through it!"

"You don't have to be great to start, but you do have to start to be GREAT!" — Les Brown

Always Sitting Always in Motion


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