Sunday, June 3, 2012

It's okay, Its Just You — Part I

Over the years I have made plenty of excuses for my poor outcomes/frustrating days, and I have also heard plenty of excuses from others. What I do know about excuses, they never fix what happened, and they are all bad; some really funny, but still bad. In fact, 99.9 percent of the time, there was never anything wrong at all; the only screw, bolt, action, sight, whatever that was loose, was the screw trying to do the sport, — "It's Okay, It's Just You."

Yesterday, I was working out at Deltone-Luth Gun Range for the Viking Shoot — anyway, I was watching the body language of the shooters (AMAZING) and extremely entertaining. I have never seen so many people look at their ammo, gun, wind/sky so many times in my life (in one round!) "It's okay, Its Just You!" It happens to everyone!

It comes down to these three steps and these three steps alone:
1) Champions are champions because they know their shot or whatever sport, job, parenting skills whatever; they know themselves, they assess and move on; that's why they make it look so easy —Assess and move on.
2) They are there to do what they know, and they know what they do — and then, move on.
3) Revert back to numbers 1 & 2, again,  — move on.

Other shooters, including me, want to blame something instead of ourselves; the old saying, "Not me did it!" SIDE NOTE: There are "Not Mes'" all around the world; he/she sure does get around. Just trust me on this; "It's okay, Its Just You."

Blaming something else for a bad day (shooting, parenting, sports, work) can and will only bring you down again in the future. Why? because the one thing you did not do after you were done for the day, was to look at how not too have this situation occur once again; you just stayed with an excuse.

Top 10 excuses (no particular order)

1) My stabilizers were not in the same spot which made me off balanced,

2) I had the wrong shoes on today. Side note: I did respond to this one with, your an amputee, you aint got no feet!

3) I didn't have the right shims in my wheelchair. Side note: Yeah, I responded to that as well, but I was nice enough to keep it to myself,

4) The down draft from the helicopter was pushing the clays down.  (The damn thing was 600 feet off the deck going 60 MPH; down draft my),

5) My belt was too tight which was cutting off my circulation to my legs; which made me get weaker as the day went on. (see my response to above number 2 — and yes same person),

6) The wind cost me this whole shoot,

7) My sight moved,

8) Food poisoning,

9) The guy on my bail was watching me,

10) I don't understand it, I just can't find anything wrong with my bow, nothing has moved. (this one did shock me and made me laugh out loud),

Readers, trust me "It's okay, Its Just You." tomorrow is a new day.

Stay tuned for some answers and tips tomorrow.

Always Sitting Always in Motion


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