Sunday, March 25, 2012

Week of March 27th 2012 Aaron is speaking

Week of March 27th, 2012, Aaron Cross will once again be apart of the incredible Assistive Technology Network Team. The team will be speaking in Alexandria, MN on the 27th of March an Sauk Centre, MN on the 28th. These free and open to the public seminars are courtesy of the Assistive Technology Network of Mid-MN. These seminars and discussions are on products and ideas that will enable you and your loved ones to stay in your/their homes.

The Assistive Technology Network of Mid-MN is made up of:

Aaron Cross Motivation on Wheels (St. Cloud, MN)
Tom Ardolf of Cybermation (Waite Park, MN)
Kathy Truman of SPOT Rehab (St. Cloud, MN)
Carisa Rasmussen of Accessible Homes (S. St. Paul, MN)
Karen Matthees of Financial Consulting (S. St. Paul, MN)

Success at Oak Hill Middle School

What a day on Friday! Two performances and both of them successes; not to mention, I was paid one of the greatest compliments I have ever been given. "Best show I have seen in 29 years" Oak Hill Staff member.

I will post the pictures when I get the all clear to do so.

My dad use to have a poster in his office that simply said "Have you hugged your kid today?" There is nothing better in this world than having a young student come up to you, give you a huge hug and say "I'm going to try even harder today." In short, take the time to "hug your kid today" and remember to "try harder today." You never know how it will change your life or others.

Always Sitting Always in Motion

Aaron Cross

Thursday, March 22, 2012

Performing at Oak Hill Middle School

March 23rd, 2012 Aaron is performing for Oak Hill Middle School (St. Cloud, MN.) The entire school will hear Aaron's nationally known, award winning presentation "FOCUS on Your Target" Aaron will be using Oak Hill's word of the week "Determination."

Aaron got the honor to speak to a 2nd grader from the school earlier this week; Aaron's laughter could be heard for miles when he heard the young student say, "It's really him."

Aaron is very excited for a morning of laughter, motivation and "Determination."

Start Time 9:00 a.m.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

2012 US Paralympic Archery Trials

SCHEDULE OF EVENTS 2012 US Paralympic Archery Trials 
Arco Olympic Training Center Chula Vista, CA 

23 April 2012 Monday Official classification is available for any athlete that may need to do so.

25 April 2012 Wednesday 12:00pm – 5:00pm Official Practice - ALL
12:30pm – 5:00pm Check-in
1:00pm – 5:00pm Equipment Inspection

Day 3 QUALIFICATION 70 meters
26 April 2012 (AB-CD Format) (72 arrows) (all 6 arrow ends)
Thursday 8:00am Warm-up/Practice – All Competitors
9:00am 70m x 72 arrows All Competitors

Day 4 QUALIFICATION 70 meters
27 April 2012 (AB-CD Format) (72 arrows) (all 6 arrow ends)
Friday 8:00am Warm-up/Practice – All Competitors
9:00am 70m x 72 arrows All Competitors
(Up to the top 8 archers in each event, combined ranking round scores, will advance to Round Robin matches)

Day 5 ROUND ROBINS 70 meters
28 April 2012 (7 matches) (6 arrow ends)
Saturday 8:00am Warm-Up/Practice – Top 8 Archers per Event
9:00am Scoring First Set - 4 Matches
12:30am** Lunch (Approximately 1.5 hours) **Lunch break will start immediately following completion of the fourth scoring match.
2:00pm Scoring Final Set - 3 Matches

29 April 2012
Sunday TBD-am Paralympic Ambassador Program for all athletes named to the team