Saturday, June 2, 2012

Update on shooting! Move on to more Successes

So, we all know that I am the 2012 U.S. Paralympic Alternate in the W1C Archery Class (W1C means Wheelchair shooter, 1 means quadriplegic, "C" stands for compound bow.)

Now I have to be honest with you, in years past 1996 - 2004, I believe, I just might now be done licking my wounds from not making the squad.

However, I find myself being more motivated now (get over it and move on to the next) to not only stay on my game but as they say "Soldier On!"

With this beautiful weather we are having I find myself driving to my secret locations and shooting every second I get the chance. Done with work for the day, well, there is still 3 hours of light left; lets go shoot.

What all does this mean? It means just what I said after the team was named: "Champions don't always stand on the podium, they just continue on." So I practice, I keep my head in the game and I prepare for upcoming shoots; like the Endeavor Games this June 6th - 10th in Edmund Oklahoma. (Stay tuned for results on this shoot)

I am more than excited to meet up with the team again and fling some arrows on the field of battle with them. Shooting is starting to feel smooth again, controlled, and most importantly, exciting! Something I had not felt in over seven and half years.

Move on to the next shoot, Endeavor Games here I come! Move on to your next success. Look out world, here you come.

Always Sitting Always in Motion


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