Thursday, May 24, 2012

Setbacks, to Tasks, to Goals!

Readers, I do apologize for not having some blogs this last week; it turns out that last Sunday, my computer felt it was time to visit that big Apple Tree in the sky.

Setbacks: It is never fun to start your day off with something as frustrating as your computer dying; and it never fails, something else seems to just plop right on top of it. As all of you know, once one thing goes more are soon to follow; yes, the world is conspiring against you and you just want to go to the store and buy all the double chocolate fudge brownie ice cream there is — because we all know that is going to fix the problem.

Tasks: As we typed in my credit card information (purchasing a new computer), adding a charge I did not want to have, a sense of worth came over me, a sense of focus and drive. My task for this week/two weeks, was now focusing on this simple question: "How am I going to get more business to pay this off and not go back into debt?"

1) Take 5 hours this week to find solutions — keeping in mind that the charge on your card, well it's still going to be there and the credit card company is okay with that — really, they really are okay with that being on there; so if they are, so am I.

2) Stay driven, your mind took you to a place telling you find solutions, so follow these steps:

            - Come up with your goal and time line, write it on a pice of paper
                        "pay off computer within 3 months"
            - How am I going to do it?
                        Make a list of any and every idea, (all ideas are good!)
                                Write any pros and cons to the ideas
                                      Choose the top three ideas that work for you and get you excited

            - Write up a clear cut goal on a 5x7 card or whatever you have around you and keep it with you
                        Read it everyday, multiple times a day, until you have reached your goal; and most importantly,     

                                                        start now!

Setbacks are not always bad, take a look at them and make them into positive tasks which turn into goals.

"Setbacks to Tasks to Goals"

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