Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Rest for five

Last week was a whirlwind week! Coming back from trials, going straight back into work, which consisted of two seminars, conference for UCP and meetings with my clients; not to mention events on the weekend.

Is that something new, no, but I didn't take five minutes for myself to fully look at my calendar or how to plan better, which left me mildly overwhemled.

We are all moving too fast, between kids, work, the "little things" the "big things" I mean — AHHHHH!

Just stop! Yes, there's time! Take five, see what needs to be done, lay it out and say okay. However, remember to look at your schedule and make sure these things are on it for this week.

         Spending time with your family (making sure hugs and kisses are there) "Yes, there's time!"
         Evening for you to sit and listen to nothing or something you like "Yes, there's time!"
         Evaluate your goals, knowing, it's okay to change them, and it's also okay to not always have anything planned for the weekend accept to do nothing. "Yes, there's time!"

Take five today everyone, "Yes, there's time!"

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