Tuesday, April 24, 2012

2012 Trials Day 2

Okay, so today was a bit rough, but was only a practice day so that is good. Yes the shots were falling in today, but they seemed not as clean as I want, thats okay tomorrow is a new day.

Tomorrow is the official practice and equipment inspection; which means, they look at our bows, arrows the whole gambit, and they say "yes you are good to shoot, no you are not." Why you ask, RULES, and there are a lot of them; yes makes me want to spit as well.

We are getting close friends, Thursday is the start of the shooting and it is going to be fantastic shooting I can feel it.

Signing off as I need a lot more sleep.

Always Sitting Always in Motion


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  1. Good Luck Aaron! We hope you make the team! We will be following your blog!!

    Best of luck from North Branch High School 2nd hour Junior ESS class!!