Friday, September 16, 2011

Schedule of events for Pac Coast Champs 9/15 — 16th

I woke up today after sleeping for almost 13.5 straight hours, WOW, I am ready to tackle the day. Today is a recovery day from traveling along with UNOFFICIAL practice. The range/shoot is at DIscovery Park 5 miles form the hotel and is absolutely beautiful (have shot there before.)

Official Practice is tomorrow morning 8 - 8:45
Scoring @ 9 a.m. first long distance 70 meters
Scoring @ 1 p.m. second long distance 60 meters
Same times on Sunday, but shorter distances 50 meters first then 30 meters. I will need to shoot a score of 1150 or better to be able to try out for the 2012 team in April.

Note: Go into each shoot not looking at score, but looking to shoot your perfect shot over and over. When you focus on that, you are in-tune with what you are suppose to be doing.

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