Sunday, September 18, 2011

Pacific Coast Championship Update

Hello Everyone!

         Okay, so yesterday was mildly tough, but that is okay, I am still very much in the game. I had some mild issues (my brain got in the way) at 70 meters; which is frustrating as 70 meters is the distance we shoot at for trails, and the Paralympics.

         Note: 70 meters is 3/4s of the length of a football field, 75.6 yards or 229 feet.

         It was a beautiful day and the problem with archery is one minor glitch in your anchor (where the string touches your face and you settle in to aim and shoot) you can send a arrow "DFC" (don't ask) or out into a lower scoring ring; which I did. Now it happens once, you just forget it and move on. Twice however, you need to stop and take inventory, I didn't not three ends later; as my stepdad would say "BUTT—HEAD."

        Somehow, I was still able to pull out a fair score 287 out of 360; not where I want to be, but certainly not out of the game. (70 meter score 287.) My second distance, 60 meters, was better but not enough to raise my overall score much. My 60 meter score was 305 out of 360; fair but nothing to try and stand and walk for. :-) Total score yesterday for two distances 592.

        Today is the shorter distance and the final day, we start off on 50 meters and then to 30 meters. I will post the results as soon as I can.

        As I sit here at 5:18 a.m. writing this blog I remembered, I am not here to shatter any records, although that would have been nice; I am here to shoot my qualifying score to be able to go shoot in April and earn my slot for the 2012 US Paralympic Archery Team.

        Yesterday, I broke a "cardinal rule" of shooting, I focused on the score and I was trying to figure out why I was shooting poorly (in my eyes.) What I should have done is trust my instincts, change arrows, and stay focused on my shot and continued to have fun.

        Today's goal, trust my training, trust my shot, and feel the perfect shot every time.

        Thank you all for your support, it means the world to me. I also want to send out a great special thanks to the following; as if it had not been for them, I would not have made it hear this weekend.

Aspen Seating — Ride Design
Mike's Archery Center
Mike's Archery Center League Shooters
My family: My dad Tom who took time off from work this week to come with, in order to assist me; so all I had to do was shoot.
The Youngdahl family (Todd and Kristi, and their 3 distractions)
My friend Carisa who picked up my slack with the Assistive Tech Team Performance Team

          Yesterday, I sat out on line and for the first time in almost 8 years I remembered why I loved this sport, there are a lot of wonderful people and one thing is for sure, no matter what happens, I am going to enjoy this journey.

          Results later today.

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