Monday, September 19, 2011

Clarification of scores and what happened

Hello all,

     Some people are wondering why my math is so off, I could not for the life of me figure out what they were asking and why. They then said you had a score of 295 out of 360 at 50 meters and a score of 327 at 30 meter, which is total score of 622; so how did you get the total of 1218?

     Ahhhhh, I see, it is a two day competition an they take your first day total score (two distances, 70 and 60 meters) and then add them to your second day shooting (50 and 30 meters.) My first day total was a 592, my second day score was a 622. Yet that does not make a 1218 it makes 1214.

     Okay so I was excited to have the monkey off my back and I heard 1218 and it was actually 1214. I just checked my score card and it is correct, 1214 was/is my overall score. None the less you take both days and add them. Sorry about the miss-score type.

     Finally, at this time I do not have a slot on the US Team, I have earned the right to go shoot at the trials in April. April's shoot will bring in all the shooters going out for the US Paralympic Archery Team.  With that, there are many different classifications for shooting, I am in the Quad division AKA, the W1C division.

     Normally, there are 3 slots open for the U.S. in this division, however, due to how they awarded slots for the countries the U.S. has two (2) slots open for the W1C division. In short, any shooter who has shot a qualifying score in the last two years (US Shooter only) can go to the trials in April and try for one of the two slots awarded to the U.S. W1C Team.

     I am very confident and excited abut the trials, so stay tuned to the blog for updates on training, scores and events, not only for shooting but also for Motivation On Wheels.

     Again thank you all for your wishes, prayers and good positive thinking sent my way, every bit helps. I am getting home late tonight and looking forward to being back at work in the A.M. — did I say that?

Always Sitting Always in Motion


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