Thursday, August 25, 2011

Tidbits can change the world

       What you choose to do, think and feel will affect your day along with others around you. Try choosing to laugh uncontrollably, work as if it's your first day, love like it's your last and bring smiles to those who are struggling.

       Motivating is easy, actually doing it is a choice. Choose to motivate yourself and others today. Motivation is the one of the few infectious things in the world that changes you and others for the better.

       Today is your day to start fresh and new! Start today, Start now!

1 comment:

  1. People say that "It's all the little things that added up and brought all this stress on."

    Okay, if that is true the the same can be said by focusing on the positives and the motivating,

    It was all the little things today that made my day GREAT!, the laughing, the chat with a friend, the hug from my wife, husband kid that I didn't ask for. The note in my brief case that said "Have a great day!"

    Yep you are right it is the little things that add up. Have some fun today bring incredible, wonderful "little things" to people today.