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Part IV Becoming a Champion — Why we do the things we do

Part IV Becoming a Champion — Why we do the things we do

 “Aaron, it’s time you stop dicking around. Start shooting scores, see where you’re at and hammer it down. You were shooting your best when you were in here everyday shooting 2, 3, 4 scores a day. I know you have other things going on right now — work, clients tons of other things, but if you want this it’s time to own up,” Mike said.

Personally, I liked Todd’s approach better; but on the other hand, a massive spiritual kick in the head and ass does the same thing. Ironically, that is one of the reasons I like Mike’s training tactics; he is a no bull kind of a guy — a pain in the @#%; but Mike is fantastic when it comes to training. 

Many of you know, and for those of you just starting to read these blogs  –– by the way welcome — many of you know, that I have decided to come out of retirement in the sport of archery and give the 2012 Summer Paralympics a run for the money.

To say the least, nearly half the people I told that I am getting back in the game, nearly fell off their chairs; some had to sit down and looked at me in total disbelief.

In fact, I was talking with a dear friend and they, looked at me with that, “Are you insane, and are you using your brain at all?” look after I told her about my choice to go back into the Paralympic arena. I laughed uncontrollably as she calmly and methodically looked at me and said, “Because you don’t have enough problems and issues right now in your life, you thought you would add a tremendous amount more stress! Seriously, what are you thinking?” 

Theses blogs were a multiple series about “Becoming a champion, why we do the things we do.” I can tell you what I was and am thinking. In fact, I can even tell you when I made the decision to come back, I can even tell you where I was when the spark ignited again, but really the only thing that matters is “I am a champion!” I do, we do, the things we do because it is in us to strive for greatness. It is in us to find the oxygen debt and go further, faster, harder, and when we get to the finish, we look at what we just did and say to ourselves, “Lets’ do that again; but with weights on, in the rain while running up a sand hill. “I am a champion,” and I want my individual medal. Writer’s note: There is a danger that needs to be discussed with this type of thought process/mentality, and it will be discussed in an upcoming blog very soon –– stay tuned for it.

Each and every one of us has a champion in side of us; it’s part of the joy of life, searching for your incredible strengths that are in you. Taking ownership of your choices, your shot, your run, your work, your family, your dreams and going after them is being a champion.

Choosing to get up everyday and beat back the stresses in life, answering the phone when you know it’s another creditor on the other end asking where is our money, then choosing to get yourself out of that situation and following through with that choice; or looking at the things you want and making the choice to put your kids first, that is being a champion.

I love the SEALs for many reasons, but the two biggest reasons, it is never about you as an individual, not fully. It is about the men standing next to you choosing to be better, stronger, faster, harder than anyone else and those choices brings me to the second reason, the inner desire to be there through the end, crossing that finish line and knowing you get to pick up your kit at the finish line and start all over again. Being a champion is a choice, not a sacrifice; there are no sacrifices in being a champion, absolutely none what so ever. We choose to live this life — you choose to make your choices. My dad, wrote me a note on my third anniversary of my accident, the note simply said, “Champions are not born, they are made.”
Being able to have that choice, a choice, is one of the greatest gifts we have. It excites us, drives us and makes us want to go for more.

Choose to be the champion, choose to go that extra step. You don’t need an award, or a medal to prove you’re the best; you need to just make the decision to better yourself and follow through.

We do the things we do because something inside us says, “I need more, I can do more. It is like me to make my life better than what it is.”

From here on out I am owning-up to my shooting and training. From here on out every week I will post my scores I shoot, indoors and out doors, great scores, and “Ahhhhhhh, what just happened?” scores.

As of today, August 21, 2011, there are eight months, roughly 230 days till the US Paralympic Trials. Follow me, push me, cheer me on, work together as a team and be part of a Paralympic dream. Champions become champions because of their inner strength, but also because of the people that surround them, and push them to continue on.

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