Wednesday, July 4, 2012

“Because it Feels Good”

Lately there has been something eating at me; a sense of, well, dare I say disgust. Not towards others but towards myself and as many of us know, having a negative sense of self-worth only leads to a negative lifestyle.

I have always said that I would be brutally honest; not to mention outspoken when I write these blogs. My writings are not to offend, but to actually give people the clear vision that life is not always satisfaction and glory. In fact, like many things, it’s a real pain in the ass! I know, shocker, right? What most people do not know about me is, I have a very low self-image of my appearances — particularly my “Quad Belly.”

In the past, I eat right, done/do athletics; from swimming to racing, weightlifting to shooting sports; but it never seems to be enough. Meaning, I have yet to accomplish my desired look (weight.) So like most people, I start out like gang busters train eat right and try and get myself to my desired look.

For the last two weeks, I have been going out in my racing chair with a long life friend of mine — we will call him Brad. I have got to be honest — IT SUCKS DICK!
All the hassle, getting up early, adding something more into my schedule, the frustrations of getting in and out of the chairs and to top it off; being out there and having to keep going and it not being like it use to be. “It just SUCKS!”

Yet for some reason, Brad and I are out there trying to better ourselves for many different reasons. What it came down too today, I had no speed, I felt way overweight and it was just damn frustrating — but we finished.

Finish because it makes you feel better; Finish, because you started. Finish because, had we not gone out this morning, a sense of failure would start to set in; and of course, that leads into missing another day, then another and then we get to start all over again.

My ramblings today might be confusing, but today, I wanted all of you to know, that everyone has crap days, everyone has bad performances; everyone at some point starts to think about stopping; don’t! Just get back out there again. You started for a reason — “Because it Feels Good.”

Bad day, Bad week, Bad year, we all have them; just get back out there, “Because it Feels Good” in the end.  

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