Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 2 & 3 Africa

Day 2 & 3 Africa

Day 2 — Okay we made it! We got picked up by the Afton House and it was an amazing facility. They had a BBQ for us with steaks, potatos ALL THE FIXINGS including scotch; which, well, never mind.

Day 3 — We arrived in Namibia and all our lugage was here. Down side, somewhere along the trip one of the airlines people  unplugged ALL the wires on my Action Track Chair, so it was and currently is dead in the water sort of speaking.

Oleofse Safaris picked us up and we drove the 4 hours to the ranch. Once we got there, we changed vehicles and drove another 10 miles through the bush to getting to the hunting camp. Along the way, we saw Black Wildebeast, Impalas, Worthogs, many others; and that is not including all the animals we saw getting from the airport here.

At the hunting lodge they showed us our room and might I sat, I AM NOT COMING HOME!

Food — they fed us an INCREDIBLE meal we had chutney glazed chicken, Kudu rolls wrapped in spinach and bacon good lord I can't remember what else and rice. Did I mention I am not coming home?

We are sleeping in tomorrow, my body is saying enough. Write more later but Africa will never be the same; nor will Jason and I.

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  1. So you gone be AFRICAN now???
    I am going to enjoy reading your tales!!!!
    glad you made it safe and sound