Friday, March 8, 2013

Nice way to end the week — Summary of my performance

Nice way to end the week; this was in my E-mail this morning — especially wonderful going into the "Emcee" position tonight for Ms Wheelchair Minnesota event:
Nice way to end the week; this was in my E-mail this morning:

Hi Aaron
Thank you again for the wonderful presentation at the
Potpourri Conference - below is a summary of the comments from the evaluation forms.
We request participants to rate sessions on a 4.0 scale.

We will connect with you about the video.

Aaron Cross 3.79
●Very good speaker that held my attention.
●I loved the support stories.
●I would give this a 5 if I could!
●Entertaining and interesting.
●Excellent! X8
●Best part of the day. X3
●Aaron Cross is a very inspirational speaker and makes you think about what is important.
●Aaron Cross was very helpful for me, to keep on my target; going through a few changes in life and struggling some, but his reminder was a very great impact on me at the moment. Thank you.
●Aaron Cross was super awesome, very motivational and got me ready for being here on a Saturday.
●Aaron Cross’ presentation and his extraordinary support stories were the best part of the day.

Cindy Owen
Executive Director
Arc Midstate

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