Sunday, September 21, 2014

AFRICA Day 4 – OH MY WORD, Day 9

AFRICA Day 4 – OH MY WORD, Day 9

First off, where has the time gone? We have driven countless miles since we started hunting last Saturday morning. However, there is no way to really count the miles due to so many things going on around us.

Beautiful animals, from the size of a small dog to larger than life — elephants.

 Two nights ago, my PH and I were on a stalk, hoping to cut off the hartebeests we saw in the grasslands. Long story short, we did not cut off the hartebeests, due to giraffes coming to scope us out; I no longer call them giraffes, I call them SNITCHES!!!!

So there we were waiting for my brother and the prentice (Profession Hunter in training) to come extract us, when Rudy, my PH, and I started coming over a small ridge. As we started to crest, Rudy soft voice said, “stop.” I looked down to my left and what do I see, mountain zebras grazing.

Earlier, I told Rudy I did not want to shoot a zebra; but then I saw them, my heart started to pound, Rudy placed the shooting sticks in front of me. Before I knew it, I was on scope the breeze was gently brushing my entire face like a soft cotton ball, the wind was in our advantage. I felt my heart go from a freight train to a snails pace. My PH said, “last one crossing the road is a beautiful stallion, he is all yours.” Safety is off my finger on the trigger, right in my crosshairs it walked; to my advantage it stopped just off the road, facing NE. My finger was saying squeeze, my brain said look at the grace; on came the safety, still on scope, I watch as the sunset created a slight glow. I watched him for probably 4 minutes through scope but I seemed like hours. My PH, looking at me smiled and said, “thank you for not shooting.”

At that moment, I felt revitalized, almost at complete peace; I say almost because I was still pissed at the giraffes, — SNITCHES!!!

Back to calm

Since we, my brother and I have been here, we have seen creatures of amazing strength but gentle hearts, wild life that with one swift swipe or charge it is over, but at no time did or do we feel unsafe. Well, I do cause myself a large amount of fear when Rudy and I go walking through the bush, he is watching the game, I am watching for snake, I HATE SNAKES!!!!!

When the day is done, we see sunsets that no painter could copy, no camera can capture; it is just your eyes telling your brain, no asking your brain, is this really happening, is that truly a color?

 The cool night air holds and cools your body like water in a pool. You feel all your stress vanish, like a light being turned off — just like that it’s gone.

Just when you think it could not get any better, the night gods awaken the sky comes to life with stars that are so bright you would think you are in planetarium; so big and bright you want to reach out and touch them.

Jaw dropping is the night sky, because for far too long the night sky has been city lights or TV sets; the hustle and bustle of trying to get more things done.

Yet, as Rudy drives us back to the lodge I lean out the window and let everything just drift away as Africa does not care about your worries, it only wants you to be here and now.

More to come, more to see, more to learn and lots to experience.

Always Sitting, Always in Motion


Saturday, September 13, 2014

Day 2 & 3 Africa

Day 2 & 3 Africa

Day 2 — Okay we made it! We got picked up by the Afton House and it was an amazing facility. They had a BBQ for us with steaks, potatos ALL THE FIXINGS including scotch; which, well, never mind.

Day 3 — We arrived in Namibia and all our lugage was here. Down side, somewhere along the trip one of the airlines people  unplugged ALL the wires on my Action Track Chair, so it was and currently is dead in the water sort of speaking.

Oleofse Safaris picked us up and we drove the 4 hours to the ranch. Once we got there, we changed vehicles and drove another 10 miles through the bush to getting to the hunting camp. Along the way, we saw Black Wildebeast, Impalas, Worthogs, many others; and that is not including all the animals we saw getting from the airport here.

At the hunting lodge they showed us our room and might I sat, I AM NOT COMING HOME!

Food — they fed us an INCREDIBLE meal we had chutney glazed chicken, Kudu rolls wrapped in spinach and bacon good lord I can't remember what else and rice. Did I mention I am not coming home?

We are sleeping in tomorrow, my body is saying enough. Write more later but Africa will never be the same; nor will Jason and I.

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Thursday, September 11, 2014


It was 2:15 when my alarm went off. Thousands of things screaming in my head. Do I have everything,  do I need to bring this or that? Either way, Jason and I are going to wheels up @ 9:00 a.m.

Sometime in the next 27 hours we will be in South Africa - Johanesburg  then off to Windhoek where the long drive begins; however, at that time I will be sound asleep or barely functioning, or lite and bright and screaming with excitement.

Had a great send off with family and friends last night, stayed up a bit too late but that is what plans are for - sleep.

Next post, sometime Friday, Saturday or Sunday.

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Friday, March 8, 2013

Nice way to end the week — Summary of my performance

Nice way to end the week; this was in my E-mail this morning — especially wonderful going into the "Emcee" position tonight for Ms Wheelchair Minnesota event:
Nice way to end the week; this was in my E-mail this morning:

Hi Aaron
Thank you again for the wonderful presentation at the
Potpourri Conference - below is a summary of the comments from the evaluation forms.
We request participants to rate sessions on a 4.0 scale.

We will connect with you about the video.

Aaron Cross 3.79
●Very good speaker that held my attention.
●I loved the support stories.
●I would give this a 5 if I could!
●Entertaining and interesting.
●Excellent! X8
●Best part of the day. X3
●Aaron Cross is a very inspirational speaker and makes you think about what is important.
●Aaron Cross was very helpful for me, to keep on my target; going through a few changes in life and struggling some, but his reminder was a very great impact on me at the moment. Thank you.
●Aaron Cross was super awesome, very motivational and got me ready for being here on a Saturday.
●Aaron Cross’ presentation and his extraordinary support stories were the best part of the day.

Cindy Owen
Executive Director
Arc Midstate

Saturday, February 23, 2013

Sound check at 7a.m. Looking forward to making people laugh this morning. 

Start your mornings off with the following, and your stress will melt away faster than snow on a 90 degree day — and without the mess.

Great breakfast, Monster Hug, and a laugh that keeps you laughing through the day.

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Fast Paced Days

Fast paced days can seem overwhelming, but they can also be the days you accomplish the most.

Today is, the little chores that you need to accomplish in order to make the tours successful.
Laundry, hotel calls, making sure your school addresses are correct, maps and back-up routes, double and triple check sound system and stage needs. Finally, start working on the home so that when you come back it is not so stressful and you come back to what you want; not what you have to do.

Always Sitting, Always in Motion


Monday, February 11, 2013

Hugs — Mr. Cross is that you? — E-mails

Hugs — Mr. Cross is that you? — E-mails

So, it is difficult to speak at times, when it comes to younger kids (PreK-6.) Don't get me wrong they are hilariously funny and they can make your jaw drop with their insight. 

However, today, I was at a loss; I just felt like I was not getting to any of them until the end (question and answer time.) As I asked the group, "Does anyone have any questions?" This little boy, (4, 5 or 6 years old) stood up and before the teacher could whisper sit back down, he ran right up to me and gave me the biggest hug EVER! Okay, I got to one today. :-)

I get to my hotel in Bismarck, ND tonight and as I was getting out of my car I hear, "Mr. Cross, Aaron Cross, is that you?" I spun around and said, "Yes."

WOW, it's really you, I was at your school you spoke to three weeks ago, here, let me help you get into your hotel.

Sometimes, the greatest gift is to meet people you have reached.

In my room I open up my e-mail to find this;

"Dear Aaron Cross,Your presentation was very inspiring. You are brave, amazing, inspirational and cool. It was amazing watching you shoot the arrow with your teeth and your bronze medal was sweet! Most people do not get bronze medals. You are an inspirational athlete. We were surprised that you went skydiving, scuba-diving, and skiing. We think you should write a informational/motivational book for kids.

The Students of 4L"

Same school I thought I bombed today, I got a incredible memorable hug, and now a letter.

Hugs — Mr. Cross is that you? — E-mails, sometimes life is just AWESOME!